Puppetworks, Inc.
  Founded 1980 by
Nicolas Coppola, Artistic Director       
338 Sixth Avenue  (at 4th Street)
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Paper Cut-Out

PRINT THIS OUT (in Landscape Format):


The marionettes created by the artists of the PUPPETWORKS are made of wood and fabric and are the results of a great deal of time, talent and training.  We have designed this simple Paper Puppet for you to make.  You may use this Pattern to create Puppet characters of your own as well.  Here's what you do:

1. Trace the parts or paste the sheet on light cardboard (such as a file folder), or Xerox onto card stock. Color with paints or markers or crayons and cut each part out carefully.

2. Match each part by letter (A to A, B to B, etc.). Join them with either a paper fastener or a string joint (use a paper punch or pencil point to make a hole, thread yarn or twine through each part, knot the string on each side of the hole).

3. When all parts are joined, tie a 12" string at each of the numbers (on the head and the hands). Tie the strings to a craft stick, a pencil or a strip of heavy cardboard. This is your control. Rocking this control and pulling each string will bring your puppet to life!

Now that you’ve completed your puppet, try to make your own. For more information about Puppets and Puppetry, ask your teacher or librarian where to find books on this fascinating art form.